copy cell data from other sheets

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I have a question regarding copying contents of cells from different sheets. 


for instance I type =sheet1!A3 and I drag to the right to =sheet1!N3. From here I need to copy 2000+ rows and from several sheets.


Is there a quick way I can automatically get the information of the cells that contain text/values? My thought was similar to double clicking on the solid square ont he bottom right corner used for formulas.


Many thanks for your help and input.

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Paste options



Paste Link

Reference to the source cells instead of the copied cell contents.

Select copy area,

right mouse button and copy.

Go to the desired worksheet,

select the starting cell,

right mouse button,

paste content ...,

further paste options,

paste link (N).


Should be copied with reference cell :).


Hope I was able to help you with this info.

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Thank you very much for your suggestion, this is a lot faster compared to how I was doing it.