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Hi. I’m hoping you can help with this. I have a master excel spreadsheet with formulas. I’ve added 3 columns in the front to add notes. I’m trying to filter out certain columns but it’s not filtering (assuming the formulas are incorrect). I’m recreating a new spreadsheet with all the info in it except for my notes. Now I have to extract the notes to the new sheet but it must align with to all the info I have in the previous sheet. Can I do this or will I have to copy and paste one by one based on a policy # or client info?
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@Chopstik , based on what you said about recreating the spreadsheet, it sounds like the structure (rows and columns) are identical except for the first 3 columns. In that case you can just copy the notes columns and paste special -> comments and notes option to do what you need.




@theanthony thanks. I will try that to see if it works. I pretty much need to transfer all the notes over; however, there are new policy number which doesn’t have notes. Will I able to move all the notes into the new spreadsheet and it will match up to the policy #?

@Chopstik , I can't really tell without seeing the actual excel file. Can you upload a sample with any confidential information removed?