Copy a table or graph from excel to word

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HI ! I am trying to copy a table and a graph from excel online in the Office 365 but I loose my formatting and I don't have all the copy options like in Excel that is not online ! Have you found a way to copy a graph without having to screenshot it ??

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@Emilie-Jade when you do to paste. click paste special. you will get options which wil include the formulas

@waitingforcoffee , is there such in Word Online?

@waitingforcoffee it's like I don't even have the special paste option. in the screenshot I only have the basic cmd + v option (which is the word "coller" in French"). When I paste I don't see any options like I have when in the normal word and not online.. 

@Emilie-Jade Online version is quite limited compare to desktop one, it is only three.