copy a drop down list created from a cell-range in excel 365 web version

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how do i copy a drop down list created from a cell-range in excel 365 web version?


when i drag the drop down list downwards to replicate it to other cells, the values or list-items reduce in number .


kindly help

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Copy only data validation (validity rule) from cells


When copying a cell, all settings of the copied cell (content, data validation, formatting, comments, etc.) are usually transferred to the target cell and the original settings are thus overwritten.


If you only want to copy defined data checks (validity rules) and apply them to other cells or ranges without changing the cell contents and formatting of the target cells, then please proceed as follows:


That's how it's done:


    Select the cell that contains the data validation to be copied.

    Now activate the copy mode (Ctrl + C).

    Now mark the target cells.

    Right-click a cell in the selection.

    Now select Paste special from the list in the context menu.

    In the Paste Special dialog box, check the Validity option.



    Confirm your setting. by clicking OK.


This selection now only transfers the copied data checks (validation rules) to the target cells. Existing cell content, formatting and comments remain unchanged in the target cells.



You can also open the Paste Special dialog box by pressing Ctrl + Alt + V .


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