Copied Text is CRUSHED in a cell - Wrap Text and Auto Row Height DOES NOT WORK

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Excel, in its infinite wisdom, decided that it doesn't want me to fully see my entered text; The cell does not fit to the text.  The text is "crushed" by the borders of the cell.  Now, this only seems to happen when I copy text from sheet 1 and paste it into a cell in sheet 2.  And, when I say "copy", I mean that I double-click into the original cell in sheet 1, highlight the text, copy it, go to sheet 2, double-click in the desired cell, and paste the text.  I do it this way to make sure that the formatting of the text matches that of the second sheet.  And it does work, the text is the size and font it should be....BUT, the cell does not want to change to fit the text.  I've tried "wrap text".  No luck.  I've tried "Auto Row Height".  No luck.  WHAT is going on?

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Below is an image of the problem - the "crushed" text:

Obviously, I can manually change the size and height of the row, and that would fix the problem, but I just want the auto-fitting to work. It makes my life just a little bit easier :)