Converting total hours worked to decimal

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Start & Finish times are shown as hours and minutes.

Start time is in Col C3 and Finish time is in Col D3, so I need to show total hours worked in Decimal in Col E3. converted to Decimal .

eg: Start time is 9:00 pm, Finish time is 7:00 am, so Total hours worked is 10 hours, which I want it to read 10.00 hours, not 10:00 hrs.


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@Monica_Craig That would be 


and format the cell as Number. 

Thanks Riny for your reply, but am I able to send you my spreadsheet, as I am still stumped with it.

@Monica_Craig You can share it via Onedrive or something similar or send it to me via a direct message.

Thanks! By direct message, how does that work?
Or what is your email addy?

@Monica_Craig Click on "my face" and choose "Message".