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Hi, How do we convert $10,000,000 to 10000000 in a csv/excel file?

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@Samit1972 If the $10,000,000 is a number in Excel, you can format it as "General" for it to show as 10000000. Then save as CSV and it will show as 10000000 there as well.


If the $ amount is in fact a text string, get rid of the $ sign first (Use Find&Replace, Ctrl-H: Find "$", Replace with ""). Then convert to a number using VALUE to get rid of the commas, or perform another Find&Replace to replace commas with nothing. Now you can save as CSV, similar to above.

@Riny_van_Eekelen Thanks a ton. That did the trick



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@Ilgar_Zarbaliyev Thank you. That was very helpful