Converting millimeters to feet & inches

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Can someone please help me with a formula?  I would like a value to be converted from mm to feet & inches.   For example, if a cell has a value of 1716mm, i would like a formula to convert that number to feet and inches, 5' 7 9/16", as well as just inches, 67 9/16".

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Hi Sharlene,


Convert to feet is


similar to inches, please check the function.

Result will be in digital format, if display as you mentioned please check To display in inches apply custom fraction format






How do I convert ft and inches to just inches. Basically in my excel file height is written as "5'7" (with the apostrophe), and I have to convert it to inches. How do I do this since it's not in decimals either?


With 5'7 in A1:




If you have Microsoft 365 you can also use




Slightly depends on notation. Exact five feet will be 5' or 5'0 (and never 5'0") ?