converting hundreds of time stamps into seconds

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I have a spread sheet with hundred of calls that I need to sort, so grateful for help. The time stamps are the call lengths in hr:min:sec/00:00:00 format. I'd like to convert them all into seconds and can only seem to find how to do it cell by cell instead of all of them at one. I'm not familiar with formulas and functions. Thanks so much.

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Enter 86400 (Total seconds in a day) in a cell. Copy the cell. Select the range of time stamps. Right-click | Paste Special | Multiply.
Thanks so much, I got it.


Here is a way to do it:!AuqJsl1UZ33onEBsA1uoD81HdxpE?e=jojLjl 


Call data in B through D. Calculate length in E. Convert to seconds in F.  In H, I, and J are shown the seconds from each time component (hours, minutes, seconds).



Thank you, I really appreciate it.
You're welcome!