Converting google sheets formula to excel

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Hi i have a formula which works fine in google sheets but im wanting to move over to excel but the formula doesn't work. im sure it may need a slight adjustment but i cant figure it out.

this is the formula in google:



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That's a long formula; it's hard to visualize what it does. Could you attach a sample workbook (without sensitive data), or if that is not possible, make it available through OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox or similar? Thanks in advance.

here is a small workaround:
Convert Google Sheets spreadsheets to Excel format:
In the Sheets app, click → File and then → Download as.
Now you can choose between *.xlsx, *.ods and other file formats and select a storage location for them.
This creates a copy of the file in Excel format, the original Google Sheets file remains unchanged. You can then take the formulas in Excel format from the saved Excel file.

Hope I could help you with these information .
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I agree with @Hans Vogelaar that a sample sheet would be helpful but I do see a couple things:






so I think the problem is the FILTER({...} ...

you can't create a set of ranges like that.  Just filter the entire range and pick the column accordingly.  I also tried to simplify the whole equation by checking the sign of that result instead of <0, =0 and >0:






that said there are a couple other things I question:

a) in the VLOOKUPs the last parameter was a 2 in a couple cases when that is really a true/false but I assume any value will come back the same as true

b) in the <0 case you are returning a lookup from column I (3rd parameter is but the =0 case you are returning from column C (3rd parameter is 2), is that supposed to be an 8 also?

c) you have an IFERROR()  but I didn't see it being used so I added a "error" statement because excel doesn't allow nothing (but apparently sheets does)


Ok, this formula seems to fix it so thank you, 3rd paramter is meant to be different for =0 & >0

i will continue to enter data and test the formula but i think you have cracked it from what ive tested so far.

Thank you


That could be

   IF( VLOOKUP( B4, FILTER( HSTACK( $B$3:$B3, $I$3:$J3 ), $B$3:$B3=B4 ), 2, 1)>0,
       ROUNDDOWN( SUM($I$3:$I3)*1%, 1),
   IF( VLOOKUP( B4,FILTER( HSTACK( $B$3:$B3, $I$3:$I3 ),$B$3:$B3=B4 ), 2, 2)<0,
       VLOOKUP( B4,FILTER( $B$3:$I3, $B$3:$B3=B4), 8, 1)*-2,
   IF( VLOOKUP( B4,FILTER( HSTACK( $B$3:$B3, $I$3:$I3 ), $B$3:$B3=B4 ), 2, 2)=0,
       VLOOKUP( B4,FILTER( $B$3:$I3, $B$3:$B3=B4 ), 2, 1)*1))),
0 )