Converting Google Sheet spreadsheet to Excel

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I am posting in the hopes of finding a source to look over a Google Sheet spreadsheet and make the changes necessary for it to open and work properly in Excel.  It's a relatively simple spreadsheet, a bill calendar.  I tried just using the Excel export option on the Google side, but opening that in Excel results in errors and the spreadsheet no long functions when it attempts to 'repair' the file.  So I assume there are just some formulas using functions not present in Excel.  

I'm hoping to find someone willing to look the file over and at least tell me if it would be a lot of work to fix or some simple changes.  Of course, if anyone could actually make those changes too, that would be a bonus.  I'm just not sure where to look or ask for such help.  Thanks.  

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You can start helping us help you by posting here a link to that GoogleSheet, a link that grants edit access. 



OK, now that I've looked at it, let me invite you to help us help you further by giving some guidance as to how to navigate what you've shared. I've never looked at a "bill calendar" before, not knowingly at any not sure how it would work. How would one be filling in data, how many bills and clients/customers are we billing (or paying?)....  More specifically, where would Input take place; where Output? And what is (are) the Process (processes) that transform the former into the latter?


(As an aside, this looks like it possibly is a "spreadsheetization" of what has been a paper-based ledger-sheet "manual" process. As such--and this would not be the first time for such a thing to happen--it may not be taking full advantage of Excel's abilities to handle Input entered into a single database (not broken down into monthly or weekly sheets) and then reported or summarized in a single dashboard Output that is based on selection criteria specifying the data to be summarized. To the extent that is the case, or some variation on that, it might be appropriate to re-think the design. As noted, an aside.)


I glanced at some of the formulas and did not see anything that is outside the realm of Excel. But, yes, loading it in Excel generated a bunch of error messages. 


Actually, you could also help us help you if you were to pull together a full set of the various formulas--one instance of each--that are used in your Google sheet and we could look at them, to see if there are one or two that don't work in Excel, or don't work with the same syntax