Converting .csv from AutoChartist.com to number format

John Balas
New Contributor

I am importing data from AutoChartist.com using From Text in the DATA tab. The data comes in as a .csv file. The values in the cells have quotation marks around the numbers (see file) so that Excel thinks the numbers in the cell are text. How do I get rid of the quotation marks so that I can use the data for calculations?


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Hi John,


The most efficient and easy way to do that is to use the Find and Replace tool as follows:

  • Select all the numbers
  • Press Ctrl+H to open the Find and Replace tool
  • In Find what box, type a single double quote "
  • Leave the Replace with box blank as it is, and then hit Replace All



Awesome!! Thank you very much. Much easier than click and delete. :-)

Just in case, Excel adds quotation marks since your numbers have more than 15 digits (max in Excel for numbers representation), thus returns as text with marks.

Perhaps if play with import wizard options you could convert them to numbers directly.


Thanx, if anybody has any luck with the import wizard let me know. Tried all the combinations in the wizard I could think of and still have the quotation marks. 


John, if you give sample data to import it'll be easier

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