Converting a range to a table removes chart bound options

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Hi, I'm having a problem that is causing a lot of frustration, it's easiest to demonstrate how to reproduce this:


For this example I have entered dummy data/headers into a fresh spreadsheet, I have created a basic line graph with default options, when looking at the Axis options I have access to edit the bounds:


I select my data and format it as a table


I no longer have the option to edit the bounds of the graph, how can I fix this? Note that changing the axis type to Date axis does not work.



Even if I convert the table to a range again, the graph, or new graphs still cannot have their bounds edited.


Context: I am updating an old spreadsheet, as we know there are many benefits to formatting ranges as tables, however this has broken some of the function that users expect in being able to tweak the bounds of their graphs.


Please let me know if you have a solution as this is driving me nuts.


Excel version is: 

Excel® for Microsoft 365 MSO (Version 2202 Build 16.0.14931.20646) 64-bit

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@Drahnier When you convert a range of cells into a structured table whatever is in the header row becomes text. So, the dates are no longer numeric values that Excel can use in setting boundaries to the axis. If you want to work with dates in a structured table you must put them in a column.



Thank you, looks like this is the answer, though I wish it wasn't.