Converting 1x1 array to number

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I have following formula:


    src_range, A2:AA21,
    cur_row, A22:B22,
    myFunc, LAMBDA(range, "do something with range and return a number"),
    start_col, INDEX(cur_row, , 1),
    end_col, INDEX(cur_row, , 2),
    src, TAKE(DROP(src_range, , start_col), , end_col - start_col - 1),


and the problem is that src is #VALUE! and it turns out that this is because parameters to TAKE and DROP have to be numbers, not 1x1 arrays (that are returned by INDEX function). I created a simple array to number function like this:


aton, LAMBDA(a, VALUE(TEXTJOIN("", TRUE, a))),


But it surely feels like this should be a native function. Or functions that expect numbers should do this cast automatically when supplied 1x1 array. Am I missing something?


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start_col, INDEX(cur_row, 1 , 1),
end_col, INDEX(cur_row, 1 , 2),






Your formula worked correctly for me.

Not convinced by

end_col - start_col - 1

Using +1 might be better.



For the single row range INDEX returns single value, not an array. You may check with

= TYPE( INDEX(22:22,,2) )

which gives 1.

However, for multiple rows, e.g.

= TYPE( INDEX(22:23,,2) )

 it gives 64 which means an array.

In general, with your formula perhaps you mean something like

    src_range, A2:AA21,
    cur_row, A22:B22,
    myFunc, LAMBDA(range,parRow,
            start, INDEX(parRow, , 1),
            end, INDEX(parRow, , 2),
            IF( start = 0, "start column shall not be blank",
            IF( end = 0, "end column shall not be blank",
            IF( end < start, "start column shall be more than end one",
                CHOOSECOLS( src_range, SEQUENCE(, end - start + 1, start ) )
    myFunc(src_range, cur_row )