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Asking for help on how to transfer this to excel formula the Employee Turnover .

Please see attached file.




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@Dhagz2340 Not sure that 10 employees, 50% resignations and $5/hr is enough to calculate the "annual cost of employee turnover". I assume that the calculator includes some assumptions on cost of recruitment, lost productivity etc.


What answers do you get when you move the slider step by step from 100% to 10%? And what happens when you leave the slider at 50% but use hourly wages from, for example, $1 to $20. Perhaps, then you can work out the underlying formula.


Here are two additional files fast from the could use as a template.
As Mr. Riny_van_Eekelen informed, several factors are needed to calculate the correct Employee Turnoverrate.


Links of the inserted files

Excel Employee Turnover Cost Calculator


Standard disclaimer: there are none Microsoft sites



Thank you so much .. I will check