Convert Threaded Comments Back to Notes

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I'd like to have an external consultant share an excel workbook with me, so I've placed the file in a shared OneDrive so that we are both working on the same file at all times.
The workbook is an annual company budget, which I have developed and expanded over many years.  There are hundreds of 'Notes' added to cells within many worksheets (and for the sake of clarity, when I say 'Notes', I mean what are now called 'Notes'.  I started building this budget workbook in 2002, so most of these 'Notes' were really 'Comments' until MS added the new Threaded Comments functionality in 2018).
When my consultant and I open the workbook in the web based version of excel, all my 'Notes' get automatically converted to 'Threaded Comments', and we don't want that - we want all 'Notes' to remain 'Notes'.
I have two questions:
1) How do we stop the web based version from converting my Notes to Threaded Comments?
2) Since the web based version of excel has changed all the Notes in my workbook to Threaded Comments (and did so without asking me if that's what I wanted), how do I get them all converted back to 'Notes' (and obviously I don't want to have to undertake some manual process to convert one cell at a time.  As mentioned above, I have hundreds, if not thousands, of notes in my workbook, spread over many worksheets, so I'm looking for a 'all at once' solution)?
My thanks in advance to all who offer their assistance.
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Hi - Did you find the answer to your question anywhere? I am facing the same issue where a colleague is using a different version of excel on a mac and is unable to see threaded comments. 

Hi Khawja

Could you please assist me with the same problem as cdavidson?

I would also like to change ALL comments in my document to notes.