Convert Numbers to words for Excel 365 for Mac

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I have tried this link to use for this purpose. However there is a error when I execute it.

Also if someone can direct me to a chart on how to use Windows shortcuts on Mac keyboard. For example this article says use Alt 11 and Alt Q for Windows, but it didn't work on Mac.

Thanks for help.


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The syntax error is in this line
Cents = GetTens(Left(Mid(MyNumber, DecimalPlace + 1) & _ "00", 2))

@ruumi Copying and pasting from the web included some unwanted characters. Deleted them and the code seems to do what is described in the article.


With regard to Alt-shortcuts in Excel for the Mac, they simply don't exist to the same extent and are quite different. Easiest to refer you to a MS support page. Link below. 

@Riny_van_Eekelen can you please help me with the errors you deleted?

@ruumi There are two lines of code that have an underscore "_" in them. One is the line you mentioned, where you can just delete the space underscore directly after the &-sign.


The other one is a bit further down.


Result = Result & GetDigit _

(Right(TensText, 1)) ' Retrieve ones place.


Just get rid of the underscore and put the entire code on one row, like so:


Result = Result & GetDigit (Right(TensText, 1)) ' Retrieve ones place.


Then it works for me.


Dear excel community group.. i have one addins for excel number to text function ie.. spellnumber...and im added in adins folder and followed all steps but itsw not working my office professional 2021