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Hi There.


I am new for advance excel techniques.


Could you please help to provide solution?

I have attached an image which is self explanatory.


If you have any question, please let me know.


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Use pivot table instead using any formula , still you want to use formula define a value on which base you want to see that report like date , model number or any other head then u can use formula for making such reports, but i suggest to use pivot table@mohsin91santono-_-1220 



Hi Gaurav
Thanks a lot for your insight


But Pivot is not solution for me.

I need it for some reason. :)



Hi Celia,

Could you please help in this post?

I have confidence that you can help.
Please Please Have A Look.....



I Solved It By Myself
Thanks @Celia_Alves  ;)

You showed a great way :D
I am forever grateful


Well done, @mohsin91santono-_-1220 ! I was also going to suggest tables and pivot tables as @Gaurav_Jalan did. I am glad that you were able to come up with a solution. That's the best way to learn Excel!