Conversion of 'Complex' Google sheet to Excel

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Hi There


We are currently switching from Gsuite to Microsoft.

This involves converting current google sheets to Excel.


I have a rather complex sheet with quite a bit of Array functions that I would like to convert.

I bump into quite some questions.



An example of a function below.


"where not Col1 starts with '|'")))


The function flattens a sheet, the name  is in "B1", into a data table


This is done in multiple columns.

They are subsequently combined into one table and after that Split into a new combined overview.

I don't know where to start in excel




"select Col1,SUM(Col3)
where Col1<>'' 
group by Col1 pivot Col2 label Col1'(Hide this row)'"))



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@Castellum812 Flattening date how you did in the GS file is done with PowerQuery in Excel. I've demonstrated it in the attached file. 

Thanks riny,

This is going to be a lot of study.
I'll deep dive tomorrow and see what new question arise