Conversion of a MAXIFS function into MAX with multiple IFs

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Hello all,


hope you're doing good. i am again, still not good at Excel.. sorry


some time ago i asked the question : How to find the maximum value corresponding to a date range.... knowing that on a sheet i have dates per week and the MAX value has to be reported to a month. 


@Starrysky1988  was really nice and gave me the solution...thanks again...


but now i'm figuring out i have another problem. Some people are still working on an old version of Office so MAXIFS is not working. this means i have to convert the formula @Starrysky1988  gave me into a MAX with multiple IFs


I get something like this but it returns value 0 (meaning it's not returning the maximum value):




where Sheet1 is where i have my dates by week (column A) and the column with the corresponding values for each week ( column CA)

and Sheet2 has the date per month (column G)


Would someone please be able to tell me what i\m converting wrong ?


Thanks a lot and regards !


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Confirm the formula with Ctrl+Shift+Enter each time you edit it.

Hi @Hans Vogelaar ,

Thanks a lot for this !
Yes it works