Continuing days of the week and dates

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I am trying to continue the days of the week, number of weeks, and dates. If someone knows a simpler way to do this please let me know! I got the original dates and weeks from a template.

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This formula will produce a calendar with the arrangement displayed in your screen cap:



    start, DATE(2024, 1, 1),
    dates, SEQUENCE(, 366, start),
    day_of_week, TEXT(dates, "ddd"),
    month_name, IF(day_of_week = "Sat", TEXT(dates, "mmm"), ""),
    week_num, IF(day_of_week = "Sat", "Week " & WEEKNUM(dates), ""),
    day_num, DAY(dates),
    VSTACK(week_num, month_name, day_of_week, day_num)


You can change the start date and adjust the number of dates. In the above, it's using 366 dates.