Contacts List across multiple sheets

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I'm trying to make a workbook of all the contacts for a project. The workbook has a master sheet with all the contacts which people can add contacts to. Within this there is a drop-down selection which categorises the contact into their relevant project section. What I want to happen is that when the category is selected that contact is automatically copied into another sheet dedicated to that project section.


For example if the contact is categorised as C2 - Project Mapping, from the master sheet it is then auto-populated into the right sheet alongside staying in the master sheet. 


I have such little understanding of excel, so any help would be amazing!

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@gracescott Copying contact information from the Master to the individual Section sheets would require VBA. Not recommended as you say to know little about Excel. But since tagged you post with Office365,

you can use the FILTER function on each section sheet to dynamically retrieve the contact info from the Master.