Consolidating data from multiple worksheets

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I'm having trouble consolidating 2 spreadsheets that when the new "Master" is created, it only contains the header row, the first column and the 4th column.


I'm using the dialog box to create the references but it doesn't seem to pick up all the data despite the range appearing correct in the dialog box.



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Could you please explain a bit more? perhaps provide a sample workbook with anonymized data and an explanation of what steps you are taking precisely?



Hi Mark,

Try this to see if you get in the right direction.


Open your spreadsheet with your information and also a new spreadsheet (Book 1).

On your original spreadsheet, select a tab, right-click, select move or copy. 

In the Move or Copy box, make sure Book 1 is selected and choose before sheet 1.

Select the box for make copy.

Select Ok.


If you have more than one tab to move, select all of the tabs before you move them.  Once the tabs are in the new spreadsheet, you can manipulate the data to combine the information - copy paste, create pivot tables, naming data and VLOOK up.


I hope this can get you in the right direction.