Connection error to Facebook from Excel

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Hi, I used Excel to connect Facebook, and backup my posts in local my PC. But, currently, my excel file doesn't work with the following errors:


  • Expression.Error: The name 'Facebook.Graph' wasn't recognized. Make sure it's spelled correctly.
  • Expression.Error: The import Facebook.Graph matches no exports. Did you miss a module reference?


It seems something has changed at Excel side or FB side after the original setting was built. However, I cannot find any relavant info to connect FB from Excel again. Could anybody help or suggest any ideas?

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@humble92 Found this in the update history for Office apps. It probably affects your connection, but should already have created a problem last year.

Screenshot 2021-07-16 at 08.54.38.png

I found Help > Support in Excel. It doesn't be supported any more:

Important: Retirement of Facebook data connector notice Import and refresh data from Facebook in Excel will stop working in April, 2020. You will still be able to use the Facebook Power Query (Get & Transform) connector until then, but starting in April, 2020, you will be unable to connect to Facebook and will receive an error message. We recommend revising or removing any existing Power Query (Get & Transform) queries that use the Facebook connector as soon as possible to avoid unexpected results.