Connection between excel and sharepoint

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i have interesting thing to solve. My colleague have two tables. 

Both of them is pretty similar. One is saved on sharepoint and serve as "input" table. A lot of peoples have access to it and can edit values which they are responsible of. Second table is "presentation table" which my colleague presenting and providing to his superior and its saved in our local shared drive. 


Our issue is.. We need to get "presentation table" to automaticaly update with "input table". I know that simpliest possible solution is put both of tables into one instance. But thanks to our "maladjusted" GM its not possible to move "presentation table" to cloud where is comfortable and simple to gather data from all users. 


Second one is update tables by hand, but that is plenty of unnecessary work and it put istelf into risk of mistakes. 


so i want to ask here. If you can reccommend me some way to connect tables with each other. I know the way by data connection in excel, but i am not able to import only the values wich i need. 


Just short summary. I need to get some data from excel table in sharepoint into local table saved in network drive. 


thanks for advices



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If you may formalize the logic of what do you need Power Query shall work. Perhaps you may share small sample or at least screenshot (without sensitive data) to illustrate how filtering shall work.