Connecting to an SQL Server ODBC via a Mac using Excel

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Hi there,


I am trying to connect to a SQL Server Analysis services Cube on my macOS Big Sur (version 11.2.3) through Excel (version 16.47). I go to get External Data > new database query > SQL server ODBC and type in the server details but get an error whenever I try to connect. (See attached image) 


"odbc driver 17 for sql server tcp provider: error code 0x102"


This is normally a straightforward enough task to do using a Windows PC and Excel but cannot seem to get it to work on a Mac. Any help/advice would be appreciated as I have been struggling with this for a while. Our connections to a SQL servers via Excel in Mac possible to do?



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@Zubin_royI have the same error message that you report. I solved it adding, port number (in my case, 57151). So I was able to enter my SQL database, however access to the databases gives me an error. I can see the list of my databases but when I try to access one of them it does not extract the information from the database and reports a nonsense table (see attached photos). Tell me if you were able to solve the access to your database and if you had the same problem?

@rodrigovc  Hello, same problem here. How did you add the port number? I've tried with colon (:) and comma (,) but neither has worked. Woud really appreciate your help with this.

@ocirelos with a coma (,) IP\sqlname,XXXXX (port number) something like that: