Connecting slicers to different tables/charts

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I have three tables of data. Each has a pivot table and pivot chart. In each chart the data is displayed from the field Nomenclature. I can’t figure out how to have one slicer with the Nomenclatures listed so I can select and change the data on all 3 charts. The Report Connections on the slicer options does not do it. Can this be accomplished?

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You need to first add your three tables to the Data Model. After which you need to create a fourth table which comprise a single column containing a unique list of all entries from the Nomenclature columns in the three data tables (this can be done dynamically if desired, for example within Power Query).

Within Power Pivot, you then create relationships between this new table and each of the three data tables. A slicer based on the fourth table will then filter data from the other three tables.