Connect two Excel spreadsheets in TEAMS

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Dear Community, 


A month ago I decided to save my huge Excel file in Teams and make it available to my team. So now two dozen of colleagues can insert their entries independently and in parallel.


This is very helpful because I can also see who changed what and when.


Now I have the problem that certain colleagues have to make double entries (same content in my and another table).


Therefore, I would like to connect two Excel files, which must remain separate. To do this, I have copied a cell and pasted it into the other table via "Link Paste".


The tables are stored in the same folder on Sharepoint. However, I get an error message, that the link was blocked. Has anyone an idea how to solve this issue? 


The link looks like follow: 

=' Documents/[Excelfilename.xlsx]TabName'!$H$149


The following error message appears:

"Connection blocked
External connections to other workbooks are not allowed."


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Hi @IDontThinkSoTIM  This sounds to me like an Excel question, not a Teams question.  I'm moving your post to the Excel community discussion forum.

@Therese_Solimeno Hi there, please send the link where you moved the above topic too, I would like to see if it was resolved as I'm having a similar issue.



Where was this post moved to? thank you