Conditional Validation, with list option or any data option

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Hi guys. I want to use the conditional validation but in some cases the user can input any value. Somebody can help me?

Example: My operation is in Brazil. Is there a column with the State of the customer. For each State is there a list of Dealers to show and select (Conditional Validation with the Indirect function). But when the customer is outside of Brazil the user can input any data on this field. 

How to do it?

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Data validation only works with existing data.
To add new itens to your list of values you either can add it by accessing the list (01) or using vba to add the new item (02).

To be honest, I would recommend populate your list with all possible and useful values and avoid the option 02.
The reason of data validation is to standardise your data, so imagine the final user can add his own value, a lot of mistakes will occur.