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I am trying to make timesheet for my team. Is there any good way to have calmative sum of each day with formula? I had some success with "sum if" function as shown in the first image. However - 1) I don't want to type date for each row, and day sum should be shown just once for each day. (In a nutshell, I don't want to type/show cell crossed out with red)



Ideally I want it to be like below image - G column showing daily sum only once.




Let me know if you have any ideas. Thank you!


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@taira727 this will work based on a couple of assumptions: a) the date on in column A is entered as a date, b) the user knows to only enter the date on the first line, and c) the user will enter a date after the last line.  Note that any/all of these could be accommodated for but would take additional tweaks in the formula:


 see attached


Really appreciate your insight here. When I open the attached file, I see numbers under "day sum" column is not exactly sum of each day - any ideas how to make this work? 





Thanks again!

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@taira727   Ooops my bad I missed a ref.  Here is the corrected formula that gets copied down:


I also created a dynamic array version (i.e. just paste in the top cell and it auto fills down)


see attachment.


Awesome! Thank you so much