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I am working on a spreadsheet and I have a formula that I want to add in a conditional situation.


This is what I have:




I want to add in that if there is a particular value in M12 that my result will be No. However, I still want a result even if there is nothing in M12.


Situation is: We check sterility on new lots of media but we perform QC weekly regardless. I would like to have a response of N (for sterile) to make my end result be No. But when the area is blank (when it isn't a new lot) I would still like it to give me a result. I'm attaching an example of what I mean since I don't think this is too clear. Thanks!

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May I make a request: put some data--it can be dummy data if need be--into a few of the rows of this sample spreadsheet.

In the absence of any representative data, it's hard (for me, at any rate) to do a realistic appraisal of what you've written, why it might work or not....

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If i correctly understand what you want to do, you can apply above formula. I changed data validation for cell M12 from Y/N to Y;N in order to select either "Y" or "N".

Perfect! Thank you so much!