Conditional Formatting


Hi All,


I am trying to check the font colour on a range of cells. If any one of the range of cells has a red font colour then I need a formula to return a true value or false value


Please can you help.

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Hi, Do the cells actually have the font color to red or is conditional formatting causing them to display that way? (Wondering because of your title).

Hello and thanks for getting back to me.


The contents of the cells B10;Q10 are conditionally set to red with the following formula


=AND(B10 > 0,B11 = 0)


What I need to do is check if any of say row B10;Q10 are red on Sheet1. If so then I need to set the contents of a cell on another worksheet (sheet2) to red to indicate that there is an issue on the other worksheet (Sheet1).


Thanks for your help