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Is it possible to do this automatic in Excel?

If you have a roll system In excel where you can choose between work area, employment and must write 1 for present in another cell. Like the picture.


Is it possible to make a conditional formatting, so that when I select nurse, permanent employee and write 1, these columns become green and if I select nurse and short-time and 1, it becomes a different color?

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the answer is yes. You want to use Conditional Formatting. After hitting new rule you want to select the last option: Use a formula to determine which cells to format



Then you create a specific formula you want to determine which to highlight and you will need to have a new formula for each color code you want to use.
When creating the formula you need to write the formula based on the upper left most cell in the 'Applied To' range and use relative and absolute referenced so when excel 'moves' that formula to the next cell the formula will be correct. So if the range is D4:K20 then the formula should be based on cell D4. to highlight the whole row you want to compare every cell on the row to the same column(s) so something like = ($D4="Jordemoder") * ($F4="Fastansat) * ($E4=1)