Conditional Formatting

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Hi everyone, 


I have a spreadsheet which has conditional formation for dates, but I want to go one step further and base the client name or the format cell colour to match the row at the same time.   Any idea's as everything I try isn't working. 


Thank you in advance 


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If I understand right you basically want the color bar on the right under the dates to match the color of the client name. you will need to create a new rule for each client with the conditions for creating the bar and with $A1=client1 and set the format color for client1 (note you can include in the formula a condition to always include the client column A in that rule and hence let conditional formatting color those cells too). So something like:

Applied to A1:ZZ10000

Custom Formula: =("Client1"=$A1)*((Column(A1)=1)+( formula for date columns ))