Conditional Formatting

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I'm attempting to create conditional formatting in which I ask excel to turn any cells in column BU blue if that string value (I usually work in SPSS so I may be mixing terms here) in that column is the same as, and red if it is different from, its corresponding row in BE. I am using the following formulas:


=$BU=$BE and =$BU<>$BE 


respectively. Once I've typed it in, however, I receive this error message:


Unfortunately, everywhere I turn on the internet is telling me that these are the formulas I'm supposed to use. Is this outdated information? Excel changes it to ="$BU=$BE" and ="$BU<>$BE" and nothing happens to my $BU:$BU column.


Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.

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These rules for conditional formatting work in my sheet.

conditional formatting.JPG