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Hello Everyone


I have a table where cells are either filled with dates or left blank.


I am trying to create a rule where:
- if date is within the next 6 months, the cell will highlight orange 

- if date < than today, cell will highlight red

- if cell is blank, no highlight


I have tried using the formulas I have found online in this forum but my cells either turn all red or all left with no highlight.


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Select the cells.


On the Home tab of the ribbon, select Conditional Formatting > New Rule...

Select 'Format only cells that contain'.

Leave the first dropdown set to 'Cell Value'.

Select 'less than' from the second dropdown.

In the box next to it, enter the formula =EDATE(TODAY(),6)

Click Format...

Activate the Fill tab.

Select orange.

Click OK, then click OK again.


Repeat these steps, but with the formula =TODAY() and red.


Finally, repeat them, but select 'equal to' from the second dropdown.

Enter the formula ="" in the box next to it.

Select 'No Color' as fill color.

@Hans Vogelaar it works, thank you so much!