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Hello everybody and thank you that you are here to help!

I need to make conditional formatting with three different colors to a single cell, but the rules for the three colors are not understandable and easy as a formula.

For example: 

Change the color of the cell C1 to GREEN (in the same time C1=A1*B1) if

A1=1 and B1= 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5;

 or A1 = 2 and B1= 1 or 2 or 3 or 4

or A1=3 and B1 = 3;  

Change the color of the cell C1 to YELLOW (in the same time C1=A1*B1) if

A1 =2 AND B1=5; or A1= 3 and B1=2 or 3 or 4;

A1=4 And B1=1 or 2;

A1= 5 and B1 = 1;

Change the color of the cell C1 to RED (in the same time C1=A1*B1) if

A1 =3 AND B1=5;

A1=4 And B1=3 or 4; or 5;

A1= 5 and B1 = 2 or 3 or 4 or 5;

Please help me


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Since you have not inserted an Excel file (without sensitive data) where you can explain your plans in detail.
I am sending you this information.
I will not create a file, because that is what it comes down to, the person seeking help should be able to do this in advance.
I can well imagine that you have an unsupported problem in front of you and are urgently looking for a solution.

But I cannot imagine that the person looking for help would like everything to be finished.

Because then it would be no help search.


Use conditional formatting to highlight information

Click on Link for more Inofs


Thank you for your understanding and patience




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For the GREEN rule it could be

=($A1=1)*( ($C1=1)+($C1=2)+($C1=3)+($C1=4)+($C1=5) ) + ($A1=2)*( ($C1=2)+($C1=4)+($C1=6)+($C1=8) ) + ($A1=3)*($C1=9)

and similar for other rules