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I am using Conditional Formatting to fill colors in a row based on the text of one of the cells in that row.  There are two options that will be in the cell to be analyzed- Stub or Chain.  I want a the cells in the range of cells A:I to be blue for "Stub" and yellow for "Chain".  I have set up the formulas and formatting as I have done in the past, but now Excel is only formatting one of the cells in the range and not the whole range.


This is the Rules window I created:



This is the spreadsheet:



Is anyone else experiencing this?


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You just need to change the formula in the "Conditional Formatting Rules Manger" for both rules, just add the $ in front of the column name





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Thanks- that worked!



Glad it worked.

Hi all how do we copy and paste a conditional format with rules to another cell and update the rules accordingly automatically? I am having to go into each cell and manually update the rules to coloborate with the corresponding cell?