Conditional formatting with function IF

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I would need to make a yellow color in  column N, if there is any value(diff from zero) in columns H:L. 

I used conditional formating as you can see below on screen, but it doesnt work. I dont understand why. 

I know I can write the same formula into the cell in column N, but I need just mark and posibility to add some comment. 



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@FrantisekCZ Remove the IF function... only OR is required in Conditional Formatting:


=OR(H3>0; I3>0; J3>0; K3>0; L3>0)


This could also be simplified with:




I tried both, but none of them does work, I dont understand why



@FrantisekCZ If you enter that formula directly in cell N3, does it return TRUE?

@FrantisekCZ Based on the results of using Google Translate to detect the language shown in your screenshot, I'm guessing the OR function translates to the NEBO function in your system. Try this instead:


=NEBO(H3>0; I3>0; J3>0; K3>0; L3>0)


-- OR --