Conditional Formatting Whole Row

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I would like to format a whole row based on whether data has been entered in one cell. I have already completed this for my top row but now I want to apply it to my whole table without using the format painter (as this still requires some manual editing) and without duplicating the conditional formatting rule (again very manual and tedious for an entire spreadsheet).


Is there a formula I can do that is smart enough to highlight each row when data has been entered into each row's cell or do I have to suck it up and do it the manual way? Current formula attached.




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You may apply this rule to the range $A$2:$BN$200 or so

@Sergei Baklan

Oh fab, I clearly hadn't done that right when I first tried it as it applied it to the whole spreadsheet when data was entered in the first row! Thanks for the help


You are welcome