Conditional Formatting Using Formulas

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I am trying to highlight cells yellow in columns E, H, K, N.......AO based on whether the value is lower than the value in columns C, F, I, L......AM. (eg. If E7<C7, H7<F7...........)  I selected the cells I want highlighted (E7, H7, K7......AO10) and used the following formula: Conditional formatting>Highlight cells rules>More Rules>use a formula to determine which cells to format.  =$E$7<$C$7, format fill yellow.  Unfortunately, it is filling all of the cells even when not true.  It appears it is not "moving" the formula to the next cell (eg. =$H$7<$F$7) and is only using =$E$7<$C$7.  As you can see below, Q9 is less than O9 (not true) and should not be highlighted.  I am not new to Excel but new to Conditional formatting and I know it's user error.  Where am I going wrong?  Thanks for your time and assistance.




I am using Windows 10 Enterprise and Excel 201

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Make sure that E7 is the active cell in the selection (use Tab if it isn't).

Then use the formula =E7<C7 (without $ signs)