conditional formatting to reference an adjacent cell

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Hi, most grateful if someone could help me with this. I need a conditional formula that would do the following:

If A1 > 15 then B2 = -5

is this poss?

thanks in advance

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It is a bit vague.

What you can do is apply the AND() formula that will compare the both conditions and when sactisfying both will format the cell.









thank you so much for the quick replay. sorry if my request was unclear - what I meant was that when a value in column A reaches a certain level (eg 15) then a fixed (negative) amount (eg -5) is entered in column B one cell down.
It's a sort of cash flow account. whenever a level is reached in A then a fixed withdrawal needs to be entered in B (one cell down, ie the following day)
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Only a formula entered into cell B2 is able to set the value of B2.  You could have

= IF(A1>15, -5, other)

but that will prevent you entering any other values into column B.  Any other values would have to be generated from the formula.

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Yes, that does exactly what I want - thanks v much!