Conditional formatting self-edits

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If a column has conditional formatting and you insert a row, a new rule is created. It is a copy of the original but only for the new row, while the original rule is edited to exclude the new row. Surely this senseless behavior can be worked around, or at least explained. After a number of row insertions the rule gets to be very unwieldy and has to be completely redone.

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It depends on which kind of rule do you use and is it initially applied to the cell/row or to the range. Formula rule applied to the range usually accepts new row inserting without adding new rule.

@MRG0tho I have has this sort of issue also but I thought it was more due to a row delete. But in any case those rules do become messy and I even created a macro that would use a template sheet to remove all the rules and re-insert them based on the 'rules' in my template.  I attached it here and maybe you can re-work it to help you.