Conditional formatting only working correctly in column A

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I have a small spreadsheet that I am using as a test bed for a final one that will come later. 136 rows, A-G on columns. Row 1 is a header.

Columns A-F are formatted as text, column G is formatted as a short date. The data represents planned maintenance work orders that have been created and still open, with the date in column G representing the creation date. What I am trying to do is to have it bold the entire row if the creation date is NOT the current month.

What I have currently is only working properly in column A, but is bolding everything in all of the other columns and I can't figure it out. Probably something simple that I am just not seeing.

The parameters of the conditional formatting that isn't quite working correctly are as follows:


Selection shows as $A$2:$G$136



I just can't figure out why it is bolding only the correct cells in column A but bolding everything else in the spreadsheet.


Thanks for any guidance on this issue!

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It shall be

That did it. I knew it was something simple.