Conditional Formatting on Column E based on corresponding row value in Column B

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I've done conditional formatting on a column, base on the value in each row cell of that column and it works fine. Here is one example:


This formats Column B correctly:



I want to format Column E, based on the same value in Column B. This is what I have tried to no avail.

1) This is the Rule:


I typed this one as $B$B='Cash Receipt' and below is what it saved it as.



2) This is the Rule


I typed this as SEARCH('Cash Receipt', $B$B)>0 and below is what it saved it as:



There has to be a correct way to do this. I've read so many posts, replies, articles, etc., but have not found one that works for this.


Thanks in Advance

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When you create the rule, E1 should be the active cell in the selection.

Use the following formula:


=$B1="Cash Receipt"


Note that:

  • The formula that you enter begins with =
  • There is no $ before the row number 1.


Yea, I tried that before just to see if I could get it to work for one row. Doesn't work. Besides, I want it to work for all rows in column B & E. 

I specified $B$B and $E$E, because that is how I did it for others what work as well as the example I showed at the beginning of my post.


This is the rule for the one that works.







@Hans Vogelaar 


$B$B is not a valid reference.

See the attached sample workbook for a working example.