Conditional Formatting Manager Screen just became too small

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Conditional Formatting Manager Screen has been working and appearing correctly up until today.  When I click on Conditional Formatting icon and scroll down to "Manage Rules", after I click on it, only half of the screen appears.  I am not able to resize.  Please see attached pic.  I cannot get to the part of the screen that allows what cells the conditional formatting can be chosen.  

Any suggestions will be more than helpful.  

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Did you try the Zoom settings,,,, since it's unusual !!

Thank you for getting back with me on this.  Yes I did try zoom in and zoom out.  Nothing has worked so far.  @Rajesh-S 

Is this happens with a particular Workbook of with All ,,, if possible please share the Workbook with us.

This is happening with all workbooks.  I opened a blank workbook and did a conditional format on cell a1 to turn yellow when blank.  It turns yellow however, when I go into the Manage Conditional format, the screen still comes up only halfway.  I went to my other computer and it is working fine without any issues with Conditional formatting. I am sharing the blank workbook to show you what is happening.  @Rajesh-S 

@Pete_Elbert ,,,


I've open the workbook & everything is proper,, check the Screen Shot.





I just went in and did a screen shot and it still is doing the same thing on my end.  @Rajesh-S 

Difficult to say, since nothing wrong I found with your Workbook, when I've open on my computer,,,, one thing,,, have you used any Macro related to conditional formatting/windows resize !!

No macros used to adjust resizing.  I would not know how to so that.  @Rajesh-S 

,, better now get in touch with Microsoft Team.


That's a bug in recent build, at least in this one


Please send a frown, more of them the better.

Thanks Sergei for the advice.  I will be making sure to voice my dissatisfaction for this.  In the meantime, I am fortunate to be able to work with it somewhat. Hopefully, the next update (whenever that will be) will address this issue.   @Sergei Baklan 


Just a quick update on the Conditional Formatting Manager Screen...the newest update from Microsoft has fixed the issue.  Thanks for all of your support


Not only fixed, window is wider now.

Still not big enough to see all my formatting--this window only lets you see 5 lines at a time!
This window NEEDS to be resizable!