Conditional formatting is inprecise

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Hi everyone! I'm having trouble with conditional formatting in Excel. I basically achieved what I wanted but the result isn't exactly what I wanted and could lead to mistakes for me and my team. I am using Excel 2016 on Windows 10.


Here's my situation.

I have a column full of dates (Column L in "DATES" sheet) and I need those cells to change color if:

The date in the cell and today's date are both between this year's January 1st and mid-August;


The date in the cell and today's date are both between this year's mid-August and December 31st.


The references for January 1st, mid-August, December 31st and today's date are in the "REF" sheet.


I did a lot of testing and found a way to make this all work in a test sheet. But when I try to apply the same fomulas to my actual document, most of the right dates are formatted as I needed them to but a few are not, and a few that shouldn't be are.


Can anyone tell me what is doing this and how to fix it? Thanks a lot!


P.S. If anything isn't clear, please tell me, this is my first post here and English isn't my native language.

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You probably selected the wrong cell when creating the rule, for the conditional formatting formulas refer to different rows.

Select column L, delete the existing rules and replace them with a single rule with the following formula:




I modified the formulas on the REF sheet slightly - your formula would return the 30th of December as the last day of the year in a leap year.


See the attached version.

Thanks a lot! That did it! I'm learning as I go but needed that last little push!

Thanks again!