Conditional Formatting Formula

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I would like to ask your suggestion on what formula should I use in conditional formatting to show number of rows based on the number I input in data validation cell. Kindly refer below for reference:




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I don't understand your numbers (the M Amort is for 0% interest), but perhaps you can use the attached demo.

My concern is the rows that when I entered number in data validation list/cell that number will be reflected through rows. Let say, if I put 9 in data validation list, the number of rows will also be 9. The amounts in the data are for demonstration only. Thank you.


Perhaps this recent discussion will be helpful.


Assuming you have Excel 365 and can use SEQUENCE as @Hans Vogelaar suggests, the conditional formatting can be based on the month number



I'll try. Thank you very much.
Okay. Thank you very much.