Conditional Formatting Formula Error

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Hello all,


I've tried using the formula below within conditional formatting, but it returns "There's a problem with this formula" (If screenshots would help, I can provide those).





=COUNTIFS(Attendance_Tracker[Employee Name],Employee_Name,Attendance_Tracker[Start Date],"<="&B7,Attendance_Tracker[End Date],">="&B7,Attendance_Tracker[Absence Type],'Attendance & Tardiness Codes'!$A$3)>0





Normally I would just assume I typed something wrong, but the formula works outside of the conditional formatting rules. I'm a little confused on what I might be missing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Conditional Formatting does not accept structured table references in a formula. You'll have to use the corresponding cell addresses.

Thank you! I found that if you name the cells, you can use that name as a reference.