conditional formatting for two columns. Cells in new rows in column have different value.

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Want to know how to do conditional formatting when

comparing one cell to another in each row

Each row the cell comparison value is different.

So i want the cell Aves Totales to chnage color when its cell is greater than Aves de 2018 for each row.

I can do this manually---row by row.. but when i use paintbrush it doesn't work.. Hoping some one can help me.  i have attached the file.

Aves de 2018Aves TotalesBird Species
56Little Tinamou
10Black-bellied Whistling Duck
57Gray-headed Chachalaca
10Wood Stork
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Hey! From what I understood, you simply wanted the "Aves Totales" row to change color every time a number was higher than "Aves de 2018"? Look at the attached file. I hope this helps!.


1st - Select A7 & B7

2nd - Go to "Conditional Formatting" button

3rd - Click, "New Rule:

4th - Click, "Format Only Cells That Contain"

5th - Set up: Format Only Cells That Contain -> Cell Value -> Greater Than -> =$A7 (Make sure you have that dollar sign next to the A to lock the column.) 

6th - Format the colors that you'd like

7th - Drag down and fill only the formula to the cells your want. 


Hope this helps!

Hi, based on your spreadsheet, select cells B7 down to B151, then go to conditional formatting create a new rule ([Use a formula to determine which cells to format] option) and in the formula put =B7>A7, set the format required and then apply. Attached the file with the formula.